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Thursday, May 30, 2013

[ROM]CyanoCream v2 For Galaxy Y

CyanoCream v2 Rom

With superb themes, revamped UI, Holo Launcher, Android 4.2 status bar, it’s simply what you ever wanted...
Here CyanoCream Rom For Galaxy Y with new UI

UI Features:

*Fast and smooth Jelly Bean

*Lovely and sleek Jelly Bean Tabbed Settings.

*Dark and Light Holo Themed File

*Absolute Android 4.2 Status Bar.

*Stylish Android 4.2 Icons.

*Beautiful Android 4.2 Transition

*Android 4.2 Desk Clock and Clock

*Lovely Android 4.2 Dialer with HD Caller screen Images support.

*A great Android 4.2 Contacts with
HD Contacts Images.

*Android 4.2 Calender with Agenda options too.

*Cool Android 4.2 Memo.

*Awesome looking Android 4.2 FM

*The fastest ICS themed Keyboard.

*Excellent Power Saving Mode.

*Fast and simple JB themed Camera.

*Android 4.2 Play Store

*Holo Light awesome Android 4.2

*The unique Cream Launcher-The
First Jelly Bean Launcher-on your
phone now!

*All Cyanogenmod 10.1 HD

*Jelly Bean Themed Calculator, Task Manager, Youtube, GMail and Email apps.


*Loopy Smoothness.
*Journalism Off.
*Kick Ass Kernelised
*V6 Super cahrger Script
*3g Turbo Boost
*Wifi After Burner
*Mobile Bravia Engine 2
*Beats audio with Xloud
*18 Local.prop Tweaks
*20 Build.prop Tweaks(Quick 3G,
AdBlocker, Image Clarity Tweaks

Special Built-In Features:

*Removed Cream Launcher and
added Holo Launcher because performance does count
*Kernel Free so no black screen
error after installation and its
within your hand to choose your
own Style
*All Apps look like android 4.2 and
Cyanogenmod 10.1

Installation Instructions:

1)Go to recovery mode.
2)wipe data and cache.
3)Now go to advance and select dalvik cache.
4)now go to mount/storage and format system.
5)After formating system mount system,data and cache.
6)Now choose the zip file and flash it.
7)After flashing is finished Reebot And Enjoy.

Note:First boot may take some time so be patience.

Download: CyanoCream v2

Here are some screenshots

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