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Friday, May 31, 2013

Toucher v1.7 for Galaxy Y And All [2.1+] Android devices

Toucher v1.7
Requirements: Android 2.1+

Toucher V1.7

New theme -- 'Matrix'! Find it in
Theme settings.

New feature: point theme
To give your point a new look, find
'point' tab in Theme settings, we've already put in another 2 new types: 'Lighteyes' and 'Metalswitch', others will be released in next several days!

#Point Settings
DIY your point appearance -- Size & Alpha(Transparency)
Most importantly, we've fixed this
point disappearing issue which
existed in v1.5, sorry for being late!

#Custom Panel
We’re trying to make Toucher more efficiency, so we offer you various features to choose. Meanwhile, we’ve
been told from our users that they
would like to change the default
cross-like main panel, and move
some frequently-used features —
such as clean memory and
screenshot — to the main panel.
Since main-panel is not enough for
us to place the feature icon, in that case we let you to DIY — custom panel. Click the “+” to add or change icon. Long press to remove the icon.

Find the Custom Panel feature
entrance at:

1.Default theme – Touch – Custom
2.Toucher Settings – Custom Panel

#Theme Settings
‘Blue Light’ was a hit, and more
themes are on their way. In that
case, we make a new theme setting interface of Toucher, where you can
switch themes you installed,
download new themes.
Also we transfer Toucher Settings
entrance to the right corner of
Theme settings. Don’t miss it~

app drawer - Toucher - Toucher Point Enabled, turn off.
Toucher, enhanced version of
TouchHelper, more themes and more features!

Toucher is a tool application
specially designed for Android
devices. We expanded the concept of the iPhone AssistiveTouch, and redesigned for the Android devices,
both mobilephones and tablets.
Toucher gathers most commonly
used and needed features of Android system in this suspending point.
Besides, we're taking further steps
on personalization and trying our
best to bring you more themes, it
may appears just like another
suspending frame, or a full-screen
theme(like what we did in WP theme and TouchHelper default
theme"colorbar"), also the point
skins. And we're aiming at being
better than Assistive Touch. So, just try this on and keep focus on

#How to switch theme
"App drawer - Toucher icon - theme

#How to uninstall
"App drawer - Toucher icon -
or "default theme - Touch -
(Once you activate lock screen
feature, you cannot uninstall
Toucher in app drawer directly.)

#Feature lists:
*Lock Screen
*Home - Long press to open recent app list
*Favor app
*Device switches (eighteen types in total)
*Menu: right now you can change
themes and uninstall Toucher.
*Clean up memory
*Recent apps
*Themes: Matrix, EVA, Blue light,
colorbar, WP

Download: Toucher v1.7

Here are some screenshots

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