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Monday, May 27, 2013

[SCRIPTs][Tweaks]Fly-On ModV2.5 feel The Smoothness!

Guys here is an another update of
Fly on mod v2.5

Features and Improvements:

-Full memory management with 5
different configs.
-Zip-aligning apps while Booting.
-system tweaks.
-Improved SD Card speed write/
-Battery Life improvements.
-Sqlite and Database Tweaks.
-Network TCP tweaks.
-sysctl tweaks.
-Kernel and VM tweaks and
-file system speedup.
-Cleans Log files and tombstones at
every boot.
-Many other tweaks for better
performance and battery life!


-Android Gingerbread 2.3.x Or
-Kernel that supports init.d
-ClockWorkMod(4 or higher)
-At Least 2MB of space free in /

In the Package:

+/etc/init.d/ scripts:
-ram_manager: With 5 different
versions,It's a complete memory
-02logdelete1: Cleans logfiles and
tombstones at every boot.
-09sdcardspeedfix: Set SDCard
readahead speed to 2048KB.
-darky_zipalign: zipalign apps while
-98fly_core: Contains various
tweaks and improvements(3G/VM/
sysctl/kernel/battery life tweaks
-sqlite_optimize : Optimizes apps
database/apps will use less storage
and save your battery life.
Improves the sensivity of your
-remountCM_fullext4(CM version
+/system/lib/ version only)


-This Package will work with all
android devices that have init.d
-Fly-On Mod works with GB/ICS/JB
But in ICS/JB ADJ Values are hard
coded into the services.jar
or .odex,that's why for ICS/JB you
will need a patched services.jar,you
can follow this great guide By
zeppelinrox(thanks to him):Click
-You can also Fly-On Mod with
superchargerV6(If you do don't
flash the ram_manager config)
-The ram_manager configs are for
phones with 512MB RAM,(lower and
higher than that too).
-If you have 1024MB/2048MB RAM
use supercharger instead!

Important Info:

-About RAM managers:
+Balanced version is for people
with moderate apps use.
+Gamers version for people playing
HD/3D games.
+Multitasking version for people
that use a lot of apps at the same
+Hard multitasking is for people
with huge amount of apps running
at the same time(very agressive
+Nexus version contains values
from Google source used in nexus
-Multitasking version have lesser
free ram than gamers/Balanced/
nexus but this thing doesn't mean
they are the best,choose the ram
config according to your use!
-Don't use any task killer with this
-Fly-On MOD main package comes
with 2 different versions CM
version for Cyanogenmod Roms/
AOSP based Roms(Like AOKP),and
Stock version is for stock Roms/
custom Roms based on stock !
-If you have bad battery life the
problem is from an app waking
your phone from sleep,It's not my

How to install:

1-Download the flash-able Zip
2-Reboot into recovery
3-Install Fly-On Ram manager
(optional), install it before Fly-On
main package !
4-install Signed_Fly- Stock or CM
according to your ROM .
5-Reboot and Feel The Smoothness!


Fly- - -

Download all files click here

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