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Sunday, May 19, 2013

{TRICK} We can stop media scan in certain folders

Guys today I am posting about a new trick which is we can stop media scanning in certain folders.

Follow these instructions:

1) First go to your sd-card and click the menu and select more and next click setting and In setting you will see show hidden files enable it.

2)Next go to sd-card>>Android.
there you will see a folder named

3) Now copy the file to the folder where you want to stop media scanning.

4)eg copy the file to sd-card>>> DCIM>>camera. Now go and see gallery there will be no  items.

5)This trick is useful when you install games like avatar. when you download the datafiles the sound files of game can be seen in music player and which I don't like. In that case you can use this trick.

6)Enjoy Guys.

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